Friday, November 20, 2009

Tour de Monmouth

Not the wooly kind. Jersey gets a bad rap often of being the backwater cousin to New York City and the upscale, clean Uncle of Philly, but with not much of it's own going on. Well i say hooyey, thats right, HOOYEY! Today i discovered right in my own county backyard some of the wonders this little couty, and state, have to offer. I introduce the Tour de Monmouth

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On this ramble i passed through historic Red Bank, where in my former days i might have stopepd and walked around, but its seems to be gentrifying so i cycdaddled off. I crossed the might Navesink river to hit on of the many parks in Monmouth county. First was Huber Woods Park and then onto Hartshorne Woods Park where i did a little off road biking. From here it was to one of the most famous spots in New Jersey, Sandy Hook which is part of Gateway National Park. Went up and down then headed north along the coast to Mt. Mitchill, the highest point along the eastern seaboard at a whopping 266ft.

It was then onto the start, or end, of the Henry Hudson Trail, a beautiful off road bike path that goes from the Atlantic Highlands to Freehold, roughly 22 miles in lenght. From there it was a skip and a pedal back to Marlboro whence i began.

So the enxt time you here someone bad mouthing Jersey, either punch them in the stomach and run away, or let them know there's a reason this state is called "The Garden State"

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