Saturday, June 2, 2012

Start spreading the news

Since the creation of the Bingleverse, there have been but a handful of events so magnanimous that they deserved their own blog post.  Hulk Hogan pinning Andre the Giant, Superman regaining his powers and crushing the hand of General Zod, My semi truthful book about Cape Verde.  These are the sorts of things that shake the foundation upon which we stand.  And so, yet once again the structure will be reduced to rubble and ashes.  For behold! I here fore to announce that I and Emily will be retuning unto the city that did shape me, New York City.

I have spoken to Bloomberg who personally assures me a tinker tape parade, I have waited long enough.  Our move will commence rather post haste as my "new" job begins July 1st, in the year 2012.  I'm leaving the mineral business for the trash business, the mountains for the sky scrappers, the biking for the biking.  In all times in life, when you make a change, you leave behind one thing for something else, sometimes known often unknown.  and its this adventure, this sense of being the one's in control of our lives that we are seeking and will always seek.

So Binglers, start spreading the news, we're leaving not today, but soon.