Monday, November 9, 2009

Rice a Roni

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I suppose their heyday is over because the grand statues and monuments i expected to see to the glory that is Rice a Roni, that San Francisco treat, are nowhere to be found. Regardless, there is still plenty to like about San Fran and the Bay Area. First and foremost, is its amazingly beautiful. I keep trying to image how Muir saw the area before it had buildings and roads spilled in and trees cut down. But it still has some of its grandeur left. I have spent many days exploring the city center itself, cycling up some ridiculous hills, 17% incline, just to learn the street i ws looking for was back down the hill.

On recommendations i have frequented such institutions as Toronado Brewery, awesome vegan pizza at the cycle friendly, award winning (and proud hosts of this RPCV) at North Beach Pizza and a killer vegan burrito at Papalote in the Mission. Today i wandered through the tallest living things on earth, Evergreen Sequoias, aka Red woods, in Muir Woods National Monument.

I will remain here for a few more days exploring the various areas by bike and head off to sunny Seattle for the weekend before flying to the eastern portion of the United States, quazi brinign my travels, for the mean time, to an end.

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