Friday, June 29, 2007

Bom Dia

hellow from Cabo Verde in Afrika. Still not at site yet, and by site i mean the homestay. We had a meeting with the US Ambassador this afternoon and he wished us well. We even got some peanuts and stuff to snack on. There are lots of mangos and papaya here, which is nice. I´m not sure what i can say right now as i do not have lots of time, nor really know what to explain about whats been going on. If you want write me letters, please email me and i can send you the address. but for now, Bo Noite. Thats creole for good night.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last Dance...

All packed up and ready to go. Who knows, this might be my last post untill i get back if for some very strange reason i can never access a computer again.

But for now, so long and thanks for all the vegan food.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Packing and having babies

I've been busy the last few days getting all my stuff together, figuring out last minute things i thought i had or realized i needed. But lo, the end is near, and i have double checked my list and have arranged everything for packing. So, as promised, here is an excruciatingly detailed list of all the stuff i'll be taking with me:

(6) collared polo shirts
(6) non-political t-shirts
(3) long sleeve shirts
(2) long sleeve collared shirts
(2) ties)
(a bunch) underwear
(a bunch) of socks <----though i hope to not need them
(1) rain jacket <----- i doubt i'll need this
(1) pair of shoes
(1) pair of sandals
(1) zip off pant things
(2) pillow cases
(2) sheets

Health type items
(2 years i hope) contact solution
(2) pairs of glasses and repair kit
(1) thing of chewable multi vitamins
(5) spice boxes: garlic powder, Cajun spices, turmeric (yum), paprika, and oregano
ok, no more counting stuff...

shaving cream and razors
headache medicine stuff
homeopathic stomach stuff
bug repellent stuff
hand sanitizer
ear plugs
mouth guard <---- no, not in case i play hockey

Other Stuff
notebooks, pens, envelopes
plastic document holders
a handy dandy atlas
uno and regular playing cards
magnetic chess board <---thank you New Zealand
a squishy frisbee
(2) nalgene bottles
hair cutting scissors
a knife swiss army thing
a can
dle camping thing with replacement candles
a shakey flashlight <----- Best flashlight ever
duct tape
index cards
tons and tons of cash and travelers checks
sewing kit and a small survival kit (has a whistle)
a stretchy workout thingy
camping cookware, steamer and a little sponge
small bottle of dr. bonners soap
power converter
buddha statue
fuji finepix F30 digital camera <---- really good, not too expensive camera
a watch
a pack of incense
Books: Leaves of Grass,
The Illuminatus, Demons, Instant Portuguese, Say it in Portuguese
a letter from a friend

Thats basically it. There are maybe a few othersmall things i'm throwing in there, but you get the gist of it. I haven't actually put the stuff into any luggage or bags yet, but the picture shows it laid out, it's not that much i think, hopefully i can squeeze it easily into my backpack and a small luggage thing.

In other news, my brother, via his wife, had twins. Sam Nathan and Henry Jacob. They are pictured below:

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Less than a week to go (AKA - Like a tv with snow)

I'm down to under a week...finally. I've been waiting to actually leave for the peace corps since Thanksgiving, and even now, it seems just as distant and unreal as it did back than. But, on to snow. Recently, i have had to say goodbye (over and over and over again) to many people. Sometimes, i have a flash in my head that a goodbye for a long extended period of time will be this grand thing, but then it turns out to be a handshake and a "See ya" type deal. But mostly, it's like a regular goodbye is, awkward.

Sometimes, i wonder how much we take a relationship for granted, or our so called sense of time. We say goodbye all the time, when we really mean see you later, which confirms in our head a few things that A. This person will at some point show up in our life again and that B. You will have a later to get to that point. So what am i getting at? i don't know.

Oh, yeah, i wanted to talk about snow. A very good friend of mine asked me a few nights ago about snow, do the people you say good bye too seem like they are or will fade over time? I suppose the question could be opened to memories in general. I didn't answer then, and i don't plan to now, but it's an interesting question, and i look forward to seeing what my answer turns out to be.

So far, only one person has cried. And when i say cried, i mean, she hasn't stopped crying. It's ruining said person's life. sad.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Limbo, not the bar mitzah version

I figured since i have plenty of time to practice Portuguese, why not do none of that and instead practice writing blog entries, which is much more important. Limbo. To go from having a routine you are used to, a place, a life, formality and to than take it all away, its difficult. that's what i expected the peace corps to be, but instead, i'm practicing it, like my blog writing, by being home for two weeks. maybe it would have been better to go right from a job and apartment to the peace corps, but lo, it did not work out that way. so while i have things to do, i do not feel that urgency i perhaps would have felt or should have felt otherwise. regardless, i've been researching packing lists and i plan to make my own, and like everyone else i've found, i'll post it on here because what could be more entertaining than reading about what i put into bags to take with me.

i have about two weeks till i leave for atlanta.

oh, while i'll check my spelling here and there, for those of you who are teachers or stiklers for grammer, i simply refuse to capatalize most words. refuse i say,