Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I dont eat goats blood

Progress, as defined by the Oxford English dictionary, is “The forward movement of ideas, actions or thoughts towards a satisfactory or positive outcome for some, part or all of the involved participants.” Or at least that’s the definition I just made up. Either way, there is some kind of progress happening here on São Nicolau and at Monte Gordo.

One road of progression involves the Artisans who are making recycled products here at the park. While its still a slow process, sales have been made, and I have gone out to some restaurants here and sold some products and the hopes are getting to the main tourist islands and selling these products like hotcakes. As mentioned before, the two great benefits are recycling of paper and cardboard, and giving a few people a so called sustainable source of income. Soon I hope to be able to have all my avid readers be able to purchase products through our new website, which is shiny and professional. Check it out at Or, if you have cat scratch fever and simply can not wait, send me an email and I can send you an order form for such things as recycled paper notebooks, small boxes made from banana paper or sugar cane paper, banana or sugar cane paper candle holders, recycled paper photo albums, recycled paper envelopes, among others.

Looking towards the other direction on the road of progression, we have health and safety. That’s right, if you are looking for a place to get hurt and have somewhat trained professionals helping you, then São Nicolau is the place to be. Starting this Friday, about 50 people from all walks of life will be getting health training in first aid, CPR, food preparation safety, food poisoning, etc. This is an important and good step forward.

Assuming the road of progression has yet another direction, it is looking at Carberihno. This spot, which lies along the north western coast of the island, is a rare and unique place that has been formed by the millions of years of ocean waves carving curves and designs into the exposed rock. Also, there are a multitude of birds here that you can not see anywhere else on the island. I wrote a proposal, and with the aid of a volunteer in Tarrafal, we have begun collecting signatures, and already there is tons of support, not to mention the support of the UNDP and DGA who viewed the site with me a few weeks ago.

The road of progression is a long road, at times bumpy, but hopefully the road will lead somewhere. Yup.

Things to be on the lookout for are a new and exciting bicycle project coming to São Nicolau, formation of a women’s group in Cachaço, World Biodiversity and Environment days, and other stuff.

Anywho, just ending recently was a three day festival of sorts in Cachaço celebrating Nossa Senhora de Monte Sentinha, and adding May Day, its been four days of festas here on the island. This festa is sorta the second biggest on the island and as such there were many people in town, which was certainly a site. The next big one I know of is on June 29th when they have horse races in the dried ribeira in Vila.

Till next time, ta ta

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The update is that an update is coming soon. Though i suppose this update counts as an update,l so another update will be coming soon. An even better update than this one, though this one is pretty good if you ask me.

Hmmm, seems like i have alot more space to fill. What to say, what to say. Ummm, goat stomach looks really wierd inside out.

Ok, peace out my minions.