Thursday, April 3, 2008

Insert funny title here

So, i wrote this about a month ago, yet it still holds true, maybe even truer now that it was than, but thats neither there nor here. anyways, this post is simply ramblings that maybe i shouldnt even post. but, its been while since i posted anything and all the projects i´m working on are still just huming along, so there isnt much new info, and i´m not too good on detiling soem of the typical life experinces which would be nice to share but require a higher level of compositional skills that I currenlty have. Entao, this post.

I had wanted to spend the whole day cataloging magic, but I ended up spending only half a day. But, here is my list of the magic I experienced during a half day here in São Nicolau:

  • The dawning sun hidden in the clouds, watching them sit, watching them brush along the mountain peaks as the morning sun grew and intensified
  • Greeting the women on thier way to the fields, yelling Bom Dias left and right and the undeicepherable replies of Nha Mai’s, Meu Deus and others
  • The candlelight glow reflecting off the pictures taped to the wall in my bedroom
  • The banana eaten on the wall watching Monte Gordo awaken and shake off the morning fog
  • Going to Hortelá along a narrow, cliff edge road
  • Giving three small children reason to stare and gawk
  • The two patonkas eaten with the family in Hortelá, and their laughter at my verbal enjoyment of the breakfast treats
  • Getting small glimpses of the lives of other people, seeing in my eyes something special and new and knowing in thier eyes something normal and everyday
  • Tearing the bark off the sugar cane with my teeth, chewing on the sweet flesh and spitting it out on the ground
  • Playing with the calico cat laying in the shade
  • Watching from a distance children having a potato sack race (and questioning on if potata really does have an e at the end) at the soccer field
  • Seeing the ocean in the distance as I write
  • The sounds and smells of the men working on repairing the wall
  • The little child who sat next to me to show me his three marbles, and then came back with a book of bible songs

A book I recenlty got sent and read, ‘Off the Map’, spoke alot about magic, about dreams and possibility, and how many things in life work to hold us back from dreaming, that tell us to dream is to be irrational, that we should accept what they say is normal and be happy, that to follow your heart and to fail or succeed is crazy....

Within my own life and those I see around me, I note that our eyes have been jaded against that which we use to behold as special, as unigue and magical when we were children. Why? What causes this lose of sight, and can we get it back? There are people I know that have regained, or at least partially, this ability, or are working towards regaining their sight. But it is rowing agaist the current, an uphill battle when everyone is saying go down, go down, go down ....

I don’t want to go down any longer. I want to climb, and fall, and get back up and climb again. Even a dream the size of an ant has strength. We have created systems of imprisonment for ourselves, and live happily behind bars, laughing and sneering at those who escape while we waste away with a life sentence.

I learned the reason why man must work and how to dream big dreams
To conquer time and space and fight the rivers and the seas
I stand here filled with my emptiness now and look at city and land
And I know why farms and cities are built by hot, warm, nervous hands

Woody Guthrie

Sorry for the lack of new pictures