Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Hibernation?

Tis a new year binglers, and a new state. Being that my readership is basically the same people who already know of my move, this won't be too shocking, but i'm living in the former independent republic of Vermont. Sure, its been conquered by the Empire of America for some time now, but we have high hopes of one day returning to our grand stature of the mighty Republic we once were, or at least to become part of canada

Winter is here and that means winter biking. I got my studded tires on and that meas there isn't a flake of snow on the street for me to really get the bang for the buck. Instead, all i get is the sound of hundreds of little bits of metal spinning on the pavement. So i ask for snow so that i can slip and slid and not fall thanks to my fancy tires.

Otherwise, its transition time. Looking for someone to enslave me and give me precious money so i can purchase the food they lock up in prisons, reading some books, figuring out the whole local scene here in Burington.

Also, doing some work on the Cape Verde project still. As everyone knows, we designed a second shirt that is selling faster than something selling slowly, and we are once again building a fund to support the next round of bicycle projects in my former host country.

We are also starting a little magazine which will be up and running soon. I also hope to post some new and exciting bicycle related news once any occues. And hipster fidghting with jews in brooklyn doesn't really count.