Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Set Sail

As the earth continues it's seemingly endless and fast orbit around the star we call the sun, the human animals on earth are preparing for one of our strangest holidays, Thanksgiving.  As an animal species that likes to think highly of itself, it's funny how we go about showing our intelligence and our trait we call humanness.  On this upcoming holiday, which some people call Turkey Day, we do not give thanks.  We do not sit as a community or family and share our thanks for our lives, the planet for supporting us, for the tides of life that coarse all across the rocks and swim in the oceans.  Instead, we kill animals (after crafting them to grow abnormally large and treat them with torture for their brief "lives") so they can be on our tables and we can make ourselves fat and get tired and then the next day spend money on useless things so we can fill the void of our lives create by our own way of life.

“A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.”

Yet another of the millions of videos showing how great humans are:

We can sit in the port our entire lives, sheltered from the waves of life and never know what is beyond the horizon.  And when the storms come and crash into us, we can cry that we had no idea it was coming, and we can rebuild our ship stronger and with a heavier anchor, waiting for the next storm to come.

Set sail.  Set sail.