Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am so G R A T

Now, I might not be a worldly scholar on the topic of religion, or theology, or whatever the kids call it these days, but I do consider myself an expert with a PHD and as such can spout my opinion and justifiably diminish what others say as wrong or inferior. With this in mind, let us continue…

I recently read a few books where some aspect of religion played a part. Regardless often of this particular aspect, one constant was the dismissal of the religion by other characters or members of the fictional society. Why is it that the beliefs of people who have a belief in a religion, in things unseen and improvable are often ridiculed yet we, at least western society, have this unshakable and unquestionable faith in science? If scientist actually talked about science in actual terms, in the fact that at the base of all these theories lies faith, that they have to accept that the things they cant see or prove are there, then what’s the difference between science and religion? There isn’t any, its all faith in something.

Our lives are dictated and operated upon faith at all levels, from the level that when you go to sleep you will wake up the next day to faith in invisible forces working to keep an airplane afloat to faith in an invisible being that created a world. Without faith, our lives would be a mess. If at every moment you questioned absolutely everything, you wouldn’t get much done. However, it is built into our systems that we have an underlying faith in the workings of nature and life.

But then its mocked when it disagrees with accepted beliefs, or with whatever the masses are told is true to keep them in line like sheep at pasture, because what could be more disruptive to a system that requires unquestioning workers then free thinking people. Imagine a world where absolutely everything is basically empty space and assumptions and you have the basis for what science tells us our world and universe is constructed of. Perhaps its true, but either way you have to believe in it, you have to accept it on faith and move on otherwise their whole system crumbles like a cookie crumbles when you take a bite and little pieces break off and fall onto the table, like that.

What’s my point? Anything and everything is possible. It’s our faith that makes our lives and our dreams possible.

Rumor has it that the new first year volunteers will come sometime near the end of September, but Peace Corps isn’t talking much so I don’t really know. The Park is ticking along, tough the Phase1 part of the project ends in December, which really means that the millions of dollars of financing being provided by the UNPD ends, and in theory the Cape Verde government starts picking up the tab, but none really knows what’ll happen in the Phase 2 part. But, I am working hard for marketing what we got here, with the local handicrafts to the wonders of Monte Gordo, we are making a pamphlet and gonna put it in airports and other places, hopefully drumming up some more tourists for the island.

The rains are still coming, since they started in August its been wet and green here. Places that haven’t seen rain or green for years are sprouting. The corn is growing, and the sweet water festival in R. Prata is a month earlier this year thanks to all the rain we’ve gotten so far. Is this an end to the dry years, or is this a fluke year? Who knows?

Well, I don’t really have anything else to say. Except buy a t-shirt to support the bike project!!! Recycled shirts are available, I think at the same price. Or better yet, buy a shirt and donate $20. Or even better, buy a shirt, donate money and then tell a friend or write about the project or if you have a blog or web site put a link about it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shirt Update

Hey all you shirt buyers out there!!!!

Sonadei now offeres the same awesome Cape Verde bicycle shirt in a recycled format. They use industrial textelie strips and recycle them inot shirts. Sweet

So now you should buy one of these too. So far we have rasied about 13% of the needed funding for helmets. Please help me help others by buying a shirt or donating money. Or both. And tell your non shirt buying friends too.

Ok, thats it.