Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's where we hide

I've tried camping through a typhoon.  It destroyed my tent, tore the roof off a shed, and was one of the most amazing nights I've had.  I've been soaking wet and covered in dirt and slept on the cold concrete of a Michigan playground.  Two days later, the sun set over lake Michigan and I only looked forward.  I have found myself in difficult, trying situations often.  And each time, how I choose to deal with the situation got me through and on the other side, there was always light, new wisdom and the gentle nodding of the universe urging me forward.

Seems this orb we call home, for me, has gone around the sun one more time marking yet another orbit in my life.  As the oceans, the tides of life come and go, but the constants is that they never stop.  I could strain my eyes looking back at the trodden path I have walked down, or I could squint ahead to see what is coming around the next curve.  But what I prefer, is to look down, look up, look within and see all that is around me now, where my feet are planted at this moment.

And in this moment, always this moment, I want to find the things that I, we, have hidden between us, in the cracks and shadows.  The fear and anger we flash at each other are masks that need to fade away so that we can support and ground each other.  I want to reaffirm my commitment to developing the compassion to see the light in all, human and non-human, to fully treat others as I would them unto me.  To speak my heart and quiet my mind.  To find my peace in the midst of New York City.