Monday, February 21, 2011

Where in the world?

The world being north america that is.  This is a sample of the places to go, the routes to take.  Roads abound, trails exceed count, the marvels of the land are limitless, only the warm sunny days have a season.  Stay tuned for a sneak peek at a draft version of a possible trip that supposedly might happen, but as the best laid plans of mice and men, who really ever knows.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Choosen Choices

I'm eating something right now that was constructed of refined sugars, refined grain flours, corn, and other stuff.  I'm eating it by choice.  By choice, I, and so many, everyday, every single meal even, choice to consume food (and non-food) ingredients that are unnatural to our bodies and cause us harm short and long term.  Taste good though.  To not eat sugars, many would say you are giving up on something  rather than making a choice to not consume the same way you made a choice to consume.  If refined sugars, if grains, corns, were meant to be consumed by humans in such mind boggling quanities, why for millions of years did we not (and showed signs of good health) and only in the last breath of our time here, say 30,000 years, we have turned our millions year diets upside down and have many health problems but make artisinal breads and kick ass vegan cookies?  It's said smoking is bad for you, because it kills you.  Eating sugars and grains and corn has DIRECTLY led to the staggering health problems we face.  Domesticating animals has led DIRECTLY to most if not all the diseases civilization has created.  By Choice.  We have killed millions and millions of people, by choice, for various reasons.  but because we choose to.  We do it to the planet, to animals, to each other, and ourselves.  All by choice.

Sometimes though it seems our choices are choosen for us.  We are easily manipulated to choose certain products, certain foods, certain lifestyles.  We are pressured, cajoled, violently forced, tricked, conned, etc into making so many choices that aren't good for us or each other.  Whose in control?  Are you yours? Am I mine?

So I'm going to choose to keep eating what I am eating, and when I am done, I am going to choose to no longer eat it, or refined sugars, or refined flours, or anything else that flashes like neon in my mind's eyes (like vegan cookies).  I will choose to not choose.

We can be amazing, shinning things if we choose to be. We can be our own masters, total and absolute, and divest our selves of the holds that hold us. 

Let go.

Be free.